A list of diversity supremacist groups that don’t care if whites become a NZ minority.


NZ National Party

Their immigration policy quote: “New Zealand’s openness to the world is an important part of our economic success – through trade, new ideas and attracting talented people from around the world. National embraces that.”


NZ Labour Party

Their immigration policy quote: “New Zealand is a country built on immigration. Migrants bring to New Zealand the skills we need to grow our economy and vibrant cultures that enrich our society.”


These two parties have never strongly encouraged whites to have more offspring to offset non-white immigration numbers. They assume races are interchangeable. They think white values universally apply. Their arrogant, ignorance, and threat their ideology brings to the peace, wealth, unity and stability of NZ must be brought to mainstream media attention.

They do not care if whites are replaced and become a minority in a nation founded and built by whites. Their loyalty lies with obtaining more votes and feathering their own nest. Slaves to globalism. Scared to be labelled racist. Think good intentions are more important than results.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.