The Tribal Mission

TRIBAL BY NATURE is a website whose goal is to raise global awareness about the dangers of multicultural societies. Extensive research by various experts has shown that racially diverse societies are more likely to experience an increase in tension and conflict, and lead to decreased levels of happiness, democracy, freedom, and trust.

We recognize that people are tribal by nature and good fences make good neighbors. Help us promote global peace by promoting the concept that race is a biological reality, and that different races and ethnicities have different traits.

This means that much of the racial tension you see throughout the world is a result of differences in DNA. When different racial traits co-exist, there is conflict,  i.e. a clash of DNA.

Multiculturalism is biological terrorism.

We welcome like-minded intellectuals from around the world, regardless of race or ethnicity, to join us in combating globalism, elitism, egalitarianism, and the forces that promote multiculturalism. We can unite and promote our own peoples’ rights to self-determination. Good results are important. We understand, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

We recognize different races are sited to being governed by different laws that suit their own natures, temperaments and uniquely evolved biological dispositions.

People are tribal by nature. Blood is thicker than water and politics. Birds of a feather flock together. Good fences make good neighbors.

Countries are just social constructs. Your race – a biological reality –  is your nation.